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Social Software ScreenshotsEnterprise social software (also known as or regarded as a major component of Enterprise 2.0), comprises social software as used in business contexts. It includes social and networked modifications to corporate intranets and other classic software platforms used by large companies to organize their communication. In contrast to traditional enterprise software, which imposes structure prior to use, enterprise social software tends to encourage use prior to providing structure.
If you have deployed Sharepoint for your portal applications and collaboration environment, you'llwant to ensure that your groups get the most value from your investment.

Socialtext is a collaboration platform that enables everyone to collaborate on the same page. It enables users to edit within a easy Wysiwyg front-end and you can also preview while editing and comment on any page.

Salesforce Chatter is both a collaboration app and a platform for building social cloud-computing applications. Chatter helps you connect and share data securely in real time.

No-cost open-source social intranet system. Offers profiles, dashboards and workgroups. Each team has a blog, discussion board, chat, wiki, document disk space with edition control, polls, calendar, Rss (from third-party sites). Has modules for integration with Ldap-directory and CRM solution.

Google Wave is an online solution for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, pictures, videos, maps, and more.

IBM Lotus Connections is social solution for enterprise that empowers you to be more innovative and helps you execute more rapidly by using dynamic networks of coworkers, partners and clients.

IBM Lotus Quickr is group collaboration solution that helps you share data, work together and work faster online with your groups - inside or external your firewall.

Jive Sbs is the only entERPrise system that provides the leadingfeatures of popular social networking, community, collaboration, andcontent management solution in a highly safe entERPrise platform.

Google Buzz is a social collaboration solution inside Gmail. It allows to share updates, pictures, videos, and more. Functions deep Gmail integration. Offers open Api. Integrates with third-party social networks.

Tap into the collective intelligence within your organization's social network.

EntERPrise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking with communications, enterprise data, and data management solutions. simultaneously, it meets It's needs for policy management, scalability, security, and ease of management.

Twitter-like messaging solution for the EntERPrise that concentrates on two dimensions: people and subjects but in the context of enterprise workflows. It enables you to follow not only colleagues messages, but also any updates in entERPrise It solutions (e. ERP, CRM.

Google Workgroups enable you to add workspaces for departments orprojects that include wiki, forums and files. And also Googlegroups enable you to rapidly provide access to the different elements inGoogle Apps (documents, calendars, videos, sites) to certain team ofemployees.

Xobni is an Outlook social add-on that helps you search and organise your email. It saves you time finding email, discussions, contact info & attachments.

Socialcast is a easy, safe, entERPrise microblogging platform that helps users simply connect and share in real-time. Deploying entERPrise collaboration solution at your organization creates an awareness of what everyone is doing, saying, and thinking. Users work together. Executives announce.

Enterprise Execution Solution - the integrated package of saas apps is relied upon by thousands of clients worldwide to align their businesses to their strategies, arm their companies for success and incite their users to greatness every day.

Taleo's talent management systems span the entire employee lifecycle, helping organizations hire, manage, develop and compensate their users. Unlike complex entERPrise solution, Taleo's solution is quickly, mobile, social and developed exclusively to monitor and empower people.

Present. ly is a microblogging communications solution for your organization. Give your users the opportunity to instantly communicate their current status, ask questions, post multimedia, and more. Twitter revolutionized public communication by creating organic networks for one-to-many updates.

Yammer is an entERPrise edition of Twitter. The purpose is to enable colleagues to share status updates. You post updates on what you are working on. You can post news, links, ask questions, and get answers for people in your organization.

Get to know your audience by letting them decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. The voting box at the top of page focuses attention on submissions recently added and on the rise, making it easy and simple to participate.

Rypple is web solution that great groups use to stay on monitor. Finally, a solution that makes great teamwork simple and fun. Performance management has become disconnected from real performance. Today, we move faster. We're more connected. This requires a new approach to performance.

The Oracle Social Network is a component of the Fusion suite. One of the original Fusion design parameters was to add a modern user GUI, but somewhere in the six years it took to complete the project, collaboration became the new pink.

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