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iWork screenshotsIwork is an office package of computer apps created by Apple for the Mac Os X and Ios operating solutions. The first edition of Iwork, Iwork '05, was released in 2005. The package originally bundled Keynote, a presentation software which had previously been provided as a standalone app, and Pages, a combined word processing and page template app. See also iWork alternatives

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In 2007, Apple released Iwork '08, which contained a new spreadsheet app, Numbers. Iwork also contains access to Iwork. com, which came in Iwork '09 (released in 6th, January 2009), a beta solution that enables users to upload and share docs online with others, who can download them and give feedback.

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Iwork integrates with existing apps from Apple's Ilife package via the Multimedia Browser, which enables users to drag and drop music from Itunes, movies from Imovie, and pictures from Iphoto and Aperture directly into Iwork docs.

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Although Iwork is billed by Apple as a successor to Appleworks, it does not replicate the feature-set of Appleworks's database and drawing functions.

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