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iGoogle screenshotsIgoogle is your personalized Google page. Add news, pictures, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page. See also iGoogle alternatives

(iGoogle screenshot #1)

Google created the left sidebar feature to compress the size of the gadgets users want to have and to accommodate young chat users who are not interested in functions such as news, weather, sports, financial markets, etc.

(iGoogle screenshot #2)

Igoogle gadgets interact with the user and utilize the Google Gadgets Api. Some gadgets designed for Google Computer can also be used within Igoogle. The Google Gadgets Api is public and enables anyone to develop a gadget for any need.

(iGoogle screenshot #3)

Google also enables all users to add a special gadget that does not require the use of the Gadgets Api. The gadgets are developed to be shared with friends and family. The special gadgets must be created using an online wizard and must belong to one of the following types.

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