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iChat screenshotsIchat is an instant text messaging app, supporting Aol Instant Messenger and Jabber Instant Messenger customers. You can transmit any kind of file from a web address to a photo by simply dragging it into your chat. Ichat enables you to participate in audio conferences with up to 10 users. Only for Macintosh. See also iChat alternatives

(iChat screenshot #1)

Ichat's Aim support is fully endorsed by Aol, and uses their official deployment of the Aim Oscar protocol. Using a Xmpp transport, Ichat can serve as a client for Aol Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Mobileme, Icq and Xmpp. Ichat can also integrate Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk contacts into the Xmpp pane.

(iChat screenshot #2)

Ichat incorporates Apple's Aqua front-end and uses speech bubbles and images to personify the online chatting experience. With Ichat, green (available), yellow (idle), and red (away) icons can be displayed next to the name of each connected user on the buddy list.

(iChat screenshot #3)

For color-blind users, this can be altered to show various shapes to illustrate status rather than color.

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