gOFFICE Screenshots

gOFFICE screenshotsThis is a no-cost Web Office Package. Type right in your browser, view finished Pdf document, save and print. See also gOFFICE alternatives

(gOFFICE screenshot #1)

Goffice Web Word Wizard is now available for license to setup on your own server. To demonstrate the quality of this online text processor, type some text below and click one of the buttons below to download the file to your computer.

(gOFFICE screenshot #2)

This is a very easy demo of typesetting via a browser. The result file looks like a word processing file, but it's actually typeset. Try typing Av and ffi, and then type the same in Word, and compare the results carefully.

(gOFFICE screenshot #3)

You will find the f touches the i. You will also find that a straight vertical line can not be drawn between the A and the V. While these are small points, when all the differences between word processing and typesetting are demonstrated, you will see rapidly the superiority of typesetting.

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