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Zoho screenshotsZoho combines user management and an integrated package of apps and applications with Zoho' s hallmark ease-of-use and affordability. The result is a safe, enterprise ready system that allows companies to thrive in increasingly competitive times. See also Zoho alternatives

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Zoho started in 2005 with a web text processor. Add-on offers, such as spreadsheets and presentations, were incorporated later into Zoho. Zoho apps are an example of Software as a Service (saas) or cloud computing apps, whereby solution utilities are hosted on online servers rather than on desktops. The user accesses the utilities via a browser.

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Zoho apps are no-cost to use at the entry-level and require a payment for more extensive or professional use.

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Zoho uses an open App Programming Front-end for its Writer, Sheet, Show, Creator, Meeting, and Planner offers. It also has add-ons into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, an Openoffice. org add-on, and a add-on for Firefox.

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