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Zoho Wiki screenshotsFinally, a Wiki that is as simple as a text processor. It's a Wiki + Wysiwyg Editor + Fine Grained Access Control. Add Workgroups. Add, edit and share contents among your team. See also Zoho Wiki alternatives

Zoho Wiki
(Zoho Wiki screenshot #1)

Create a safe centralized portal for simple access to Company data. Publish organization links, docs, announcements and events. Ensure information accuracy via collaborative participation.

Zoho Wiki
(Zoho Wiki screenshot #2)

Encourage individuals to participate and share data. Add workspaces for groups, projects and ensure everyone stays on the same page. Keep data private or share it with your team or company.

Zoho Wiki
(Zoho Wiki screenshot #3)

Create an effective knowledge base for your enterprise via a workplace. Ensure information accuracy and stay notified on the changes happening.

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