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Zoho Show screenshotsZoho Show is an online solution to add, edit, publish, and show presentations. You can import Microsoft PowERPoint (. ppt,. pps) or Openoffice Presentation (. sxi). Zoho Show enables you to edit presentations on-the-fly using a easy Wysiwyg editor. You can also select publicly shared pictures from your Flickr account into your presentation. Zoho Show allows to perform online presentations with complete control for the presenter. The presenter can see the users in the presentation. Zoho Show is completely web, so you don't need to download or setup anything. All you need is a browser (either Firefox or Web Explorer) and web connection. See also Zoho Show alternatives

Zoho Show
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Access from anywhere, anytime. Access, import, edit and share presentations from anywhere and anytime.

Zoho Show
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Sharing and Collaboration. No more emailing around of presentation files. Share your presentations with your friends/colleagues and the shared presentations can be viewed/edited with just a browser.

Zoho Show
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Present from Online. Give a presentation to a client who is half a globe away. Do your demos while at your seat.

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