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Zoho Notebook screenshotsNotebook Zoho makes it possible to add a notebook which can be filled with different various types of data. Multiple notebooks can be created and data can be added to them. It's possible to put data anywhere on the notebook so that it is organized in a logical format. See also Zoho Notebook alternatives

Zoho Notebook
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Audio can be recorded and embedded, pictures can be uploaded, and video can be uploaded from your camera. It's also possible to attach files to your notebook.

Zoho Notebook
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It is a very useful notebook for professional use because it makes it possible to discuss and collaborate on multiple things with your co-workers. Notebooks can be multiple pages and data can be aggregated from a number of sources. It's also possible to embed other sites including Google apps.

Zoho Notebook
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Zoho is a well known organization based in California Usa. It was founded in September 2005 and has produced a number of well known offers including Zoho writer and zoho office. Rivals of zoho include slide rocket, live docs, and Google docs.

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