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Zoho Mail screenshotsConfigure and access your mail accounts in a single portal. Add, edit, upload, shop and share docs online. Plan, schedule and monitor your events, to-dos and more. No-cost for individuals. 1gb no-cost space. See also Zoho Mail alternatives

Zoho Mail
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Zoho Mail provides extensive domain management options for businesses. You can register a new domain, manage multiple domains and simply allow mail hosting for an already owned domain.

Zoho Mail
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The comprehensive admin control panel with its easy & reliable front-end gives administrators a complete control on the features of Zoho Mail like email restriction policies, domain management, team management and more.

Zoho Mail
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EntERPrise admins can add multiple aliases for enterprise users which lets them change the 'from' address in emails to blend with the message & recipient. Organise email accounts into workgroups to simply exchange and share messages among users.

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