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Zoho Calendar screenshotsZoho Calendar enables to add multiple calendars, share them (with various access rights), specify notifications (by email, Rss), send invitations, embed public calendars on your website / blog. It has a add-on for Outlook (for synchronization), mobile edition and supports offline mode with Google Gears. Calendars can be synced with third-party applications via Ical protocol. Zoho Calendar is tightly integrated to other Zoho applications (CRM, Projects, Planner, Mail, Chat). See also Zoho Calendar alternatives

Zoho Calendar
(Zoho Calendar screenshot #1)

Zoho Calendar allows you to schedule multiple notifications for every event. Get your event notifications in your preferred mail box, as a pop up, or both. You can select to receive notifications up to 90 days prior to or after the commencement of the event.

Zoho Calendar
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Publish your calendar on your site or blog for every visitor to see. At the same time, retain your privacy with different level of access rights. You can display either free/busy data alone or the event details. You can also allow your viewers to request an appointment with you.

Zoho Calendar
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When you add events, you can save the event details as a note, add it as a task and schedule it as a meeting. This makes Zoho Calendar your access portal to other Zoho apps. Not only can you add, but you can also view the note and task from within Zoho Calendar itself.

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