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Zimbra screenshotsZimbra Collaboration Package is a truly modern, innovative messaging and collaboration app. Zimbra is the leading open source system for entERPrise, solution provider, education, and government environments; product administrators and their end-users unmatched benefits. See also Zimbra alternatives

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For It professionals and administrators looking to get out of the enterprise of hosting mail and calendar on-premises for their company, Zimbra hosted may be the system for you. Zimbra Collaboration Server (zcs) is developed for multi-tenancy and re-branding so it is perfect as an email hosting system.

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Zimbra has many authorized partners who host Zcs and provide a multitude of enterprise email hosting systems worldwide. Our partners can provide many add-on feature options, assist with migrations, and provide integrations with other hosted apps of your choice.

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The Zimbra group uses an open source solution development methodology. That means we use many proven and highly web-scalable open source components as building blocks in Zimbra Collaboration Server and Zimbra Computer.

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