Yuuguu Screenshots

Yuuguu screenshotsdesktop sharing app that gives you the option to have it running in the background all day, and you can select to display your availability to workgroup right on the control console for the app. Contains contact base and instant messenger. Allows Conference calling. See also Yuuguu alternatives

(Yuuguu screenshot #1)

Absolutely nothing to download or setup for your session users. They can view your display in real time, using a standard browser. Perfect for online meeting and sales demonstrations, where a download is a major roadblock.

(Yuuguu screenshot #2)

Great color depth and quality is built in as standard. For times when you want to blow your viewers away, you can switch to full color mode - and use 256 million colors to immerse your viewers.

(Yuuguu screenshot #3)

There is nothing worse that waiting around - so our unique technology enables your viewers to instantly see your display when they join your session and you are on air.

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