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Yugma screenshotsYugma is a desktop sharing solution system that provides access to unlimited meetings for workgroups of to 10 users at absolutely no cost at all. It offers full support for both Windows and Mac (with Linux promised as next), full screen-sharing with the opportunity to pass presenter control to any of the attendees (both Mac and Pc), text chat, integrated tele-conferencing (for Us-based customers) and a live markup and annotation toolset. See also Yugma alternatives

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Yugma no-cost online meeting enables anyone, anywhere to instantly share their computer and ideas online with others. To start hosting your own meetings, sign up today at no cost. Your Yugma No-cost online meeting account enables you to invite up to 2 attendees with 1 hour meeting limitations.

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Yugma No-cost gives you no-cost online meeting with up to 2 attendees. Instantly share your computer, document or app to present or discuss your ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Yugma P Series gives you even more - screen-sharing, plus the power to fully interact and work together with others. Use annotation & whiteboard functions, share mouse and keyboard control, change presenters instantly and more.

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