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Xobni screenshotsXobni is an Outlook social add-on that helps you search and organise your email. It saves you time finding email, discussions, contact info & attachments. Xobni connects to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce and more to give you a full image of your Outlook contacts, including data from your email and from the web. See also Xobni alternatives

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Xobni is a San Francisco-based organization that makes solution apps and applications including offers for Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices. It was founded in March 2006 by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina from Adam's dorm room in Cambridge, Massachusetts as part of the Y Combinator summer founder's software. In late 2006, it relocated to San Francisco to help grow the organization and have access to Silicon Valley talent pool.

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Xobni's first offering, Xobni for Outlook, started into private beta on September 18, 2007, at the Techcrunch 40 conference. Xobni plugs into Microsoft Outlook and provides quickly search and people-based navigation of email archives. The organization has hinted at plans to offer the same feature-set for other email customers and released its first mobile offering in March of 2010 for Blackberry users, which aims to offer an improved address book for the mobile device.

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When the Outlook offering was first released, it was called Xobni Insight, and was soon changed to Xobni for Outlook, or simply Xobni.

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