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Writeboard screenshotsWriteboard is a web editor that allows you to write online docs and work together with co-workers. You can subscribe to docs via Rss to be notified of changes and keep your writings organized with Backpack integration. Writeboard requires Web Explorer 6. x, Safari, or Firefox and it is no-cost to use. See also Writeboard alternatives

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Write a enterprise letter, copy for your site, a marketing brochure, or a offering description, or a weblog post, or a song, or a poem, or an idea, or an essay, or a book chapter, or whatever else you might normally write in your email software, text editor, or text processor.

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Unlike a Word document that's stored at your office on one computer, you can get to your writeboards from any computer around the world with an web connection and a modern browser.

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Sharing writeboards is simple simply enter someone's email address and they'll get an invitation with a link to view and edit the writeboard.

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