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Windows Phone Mango screenshotsWindows Phone Mango (Windows Phone 7. 5) is expected to become available on all current Windows Phone smartphones. There are no new hardware requirements to run the latest Os, though newer devices will be able to take advantage of new solution enhancements that will be unavailable on some existing Wp7 smartphones. And all current Windows Phone 7 applications are compatible with Wp7. See also Windows Phone Mango alternatives

Windows Phone Mango
(Windows Phone Mango screenshot #1)

The solution update contains more than 500 new functions and enhancements, many of which are developed to consolidate and integrate various messaging applications and provide users with a more unified messaging, social networking and Web experience.

Windows Phone Mango
(Windows Phone Mango screenshot #2)

All Windows Phone 7. 5 devices will run Microsoft's latest mobile browser, Web Explorer (ie9), which supports HTML 5 for advanced Web applications and Hd video streaming.

Windows Phone Mango
(Windows Phone Mango screenshot #3)

A new Application Connect function for Windows Phone 7. 5 programmers lets them create complex apps that can be tied to different add-on phone features, including search results, so if a user queries a specific term that's related to an application, he could see that app, or a part of that application, recommended as a result.

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