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Windows Live Messenger screenshotsWindows Live Messenger is the next-generation Msn Messenger. Along with everything you already know about Msn Messenger, there are brand new functions that provide you with new ways to connect and share files with your contacts. As always, it's no-cost to download Messenger and use most of its functions. See also Windows Live Messenger alternatives

Windows Live Messenger
(Windows Live Messenger screenshot #1)

Once installed, Windows Live Messenger displays a drop-down menu of functions along the top, contacts within the center pane, a search box on the bottom, and tabs for Ebay, Rhapsody, and other applications along the left. Microsoft fans will like the integration with Msn Spaces and the company's other properties. Also a plus is that Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Live Messenger now let you directly connect with buddies who use either solution. To do so in the past, you'd have to use a solution such as Trillian.

Windows Live Messenger
(Windows Live Messenger screenshot #2)

We like Windows Live Messenger's Sharing Directories feature, which lets you to transfer files to and from your buddy's computer by displaying a mirror of each others' files on your desktops.

Windows Live Messenger
(Windows Live Messenger screenshot #3)

The solution can also shop hundreds of contacts, and with a Camera installed, you can make video chats with a full 640x480-pixel display. In fact, we recommend Windows Live Messenger's video chat over that of other Im functions. Anyone who is entrenched within the Microsoft world will probably be best served by this particular Im client.

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