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WebSphere Portal screenshotsEnterprise Web portal system that offers a composite app or enterprise mashup platform and theadvanced tooling needed to create customizable, Soa-based systems, as wellas the unmatched scalability required by any size company. See also WebSphere Portal alternatives

WebSphere Portal
(WebSphere Portal screenshot #1)

According to a Gartner Research comparison of solution for horizontal portals, Websphere Portal solution is a leader in that sphere, having provided significant offering innovation, and being successful in selling to new clients across industries. Websphere Portal solution has been reviewed numerous times in the It industry press, and honors include Eweek Magazine's 2004 Excellence Award in the category Portals and Knowledge Management, Java Pro Magazine's 2003 Reader's Choice Award for Best Group Development Solution, and the Solution & Data Industry Association's 2003 Codie Award for Best EntERPrise Portal Platform.

WebSphere Portal
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The Websphere Portal suite is a part of Websphere solution. Like Websphere, the Websphere Portal suite is designed and marketed by IBM. Available since 2001, it is now provided in five versions.

WebSphere Portal
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The Websphere Portal suite is available in five editions; Websphere Portal Server, WebSphere Portal Enable, WebSphere Portal Enable for Z/os, Websphere Portal Extend, and Websphere Portal Express.

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