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VoxOx screenshotsVoxox is a multi-protocol messenger with support on the most popular social-networking websites and support for short Email reading and writing. It provides a telephony solution that contains call encryption; mobile-to-mobile calls initiated by either Sms or viaa site; a no-cost personal-assistant-style call-forwarding service;and a solution for earning minutes by watching ads or responding to surveys. See also VoxOx alternatives

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Voxox to Voxox voice and video calling are always No-cost inbound calls and voicemail too! But what about outbound calls to traditional phones and mobile phones?.

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Well, they're only pennies per minute usually one to two cents. And most of our applications are no-cost, too, like voicemail transcription. Download and see for yourself.

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You're in control of everything with your Voxox number. Call screening, eavesdropping, texting, faxing and so much more. Have your number ring multiple devices simultaneously or in sequence. Specify select callers to always get a busy signal. Download and see for yourself.

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