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Tivoli screenshotsIBM Tivoli Live solution manager which offers integrated solution management features as a monthly subscription on the IBM Cloud. Along with IBM Tivoli Live monitoring applications, Tivoli Live systems enable clients to rapidly adopt and deploy key Itil workflows and combine them with performance and availability monitoring, all under a common subscription and delivery model. There is no need to buy hardware, solution licenses or setup applications. See also Tivoli alternatives

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Both systems are built on a common platform and architecture that many IBM customers use today as on-premise solution. Clients are not locked into a single consumption model and in fact can select from an array of customizable delivery options including on-premise solution, On-demand, appliances and managed help desk applications.

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Now, companies big and small can take advantage of entERPrise-class solution and simply migrate from one model to another built on their enterprise needs.

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For small and medium-sized businesses without big It departments, this solution offers a quick, and practical path towards improving It performance. For larger companies, this solution can complement existing It management infrastructure, helping companies better manage their costs and standardize It operations.

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