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TYPO3 screenshotsTypo3 is a no-cost and open source web data management platform. It is released under the GNU Basic Public License. It can run on several web servers, such as Apache or Iis, on top of many operating solutions, among them Linux, Microsoft Windows, Freebsd, Mac Os X and Os/2. See also TYPO3 alternatives

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Provided with a base specify of interfaces, features and modules, Typo3's huge feature-set spectrum is implemented by extensions.

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A web based platform is used by authors and website administrators to manage data for the site.

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Typo3 can run on most Http servers such as Apache or Iis on top of Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac Os X. It uses PHP 5. 2 or newer and any relational database supported by the Typo3 Dbal including MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, and others; although MySQL is the only database widely supported by 3rd-party extensions. The solution can be run on any web server with a modern Cpu and at least 256 Mb Ram. The Platform can be displayed in any modern browser with Javascript. There is no browser restriction for displaying user-oriented data generated by Typo3.

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