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TIBCO tibbr screenshotsTwitter-like messaging solution for the EntERPrise that concentrates on two dimensions: people and subjects but in the context of enterprise workflows. It enables you to follow not only colleagues messages, but also any updates in entERPrise It solutions (e. ERP, CRM. ), in Rss-flows and third-party social networks (facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. See also TIBCO tibbr alternatives

TIBCO tibbr
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Have you ever wished you could have face-to-face discussions instantly without leaving your screen? Now you can with Tibcast, tibbr's new high-definition multiparty video conferencing feature. Whether you want to work together with a co-worker in a various time zone, or just down the hall, you can simply swing by the digital hallways of tibbr and work together in real time.

TIBCO tibbr
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Tibcast combines social, video conferencing, screen-sharing, and archiving into one seamless suite and provides it in the relevant context right on your wall.

TIBCO tibbr
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With Tibcast you can address bugs, as they arise, and in a direct and individual way. For example: See a post that requires instant clarification or face-to-face collaboration? No problem! Simply fire up a video conferencing session, and tune in the relevant people to your live thread. Tibcast enables switching to screen-sharing, as well as automatic recording and storing of the session to be posted afterward, and fully searchable for those missing in attendance.

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