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Spigit screenshotsTap into the collective intelligence within your organization's social network. Users, clients and partners have great ideas so why not harness their feedback and insight to drive value for your company? Spigit's innovation management solution helps organizations: Identify and Implement Next Generation Offers & Applications, Enhance Workflow Efficiencies, Decrease Time to Sphere, Discover Subject-matter Experts in Your Company, Connect People Across Departmental & Geographic Boundaries. See also Spigit alternatives

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Spigit is a technology organization based in Pleasanton, California that offers a Software as a Service (saas) platform for entERPrise innovation management. The organization offers three core services: internal employee innovation management via collaboration and crowdsourced feedback; third-party idea management; and prediction markets for internal and third-party crowdsourced forecasting. The company's stated objective is to make companies better at innovation and enterprise decisions via community, analytics and process.

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Spigit was founded by Paul Pluschkell in 2007. In October 2009, the organization received a $10 million Series B investment from Warburg Pincus , followed by a second round of $10 million from Warburg Pincus in March 2011.

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Spigit provides into the global entERPrise sphere, and has been recognized with industry awards, including Informationweek Startup 50 2009, Best of Solution Interop[5], and Alwayson Global250 List. In January 2011, Cio Magazine named Spigit one of Twenty Organizations to Watch in 2011.

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