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Socialtext screenshotsSocialtext is a collaboration platform that enables everyone to collaborate on the same page. It enables users to edit within a easy Wysiwyg front-end and you can also preview while editing and comment on any page. Socialtext offers both a hosted solution and a hardware / solution appliance for setup. Implementation options are developed for range of organizational needs: EntERPrise, Professional, Individual and Open Source. The general account is no-cost. See also Socialtext alternatives

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With Socialtext People, you get social networking deeply integrated with entERPrise collaboration. Socialtext People connects work co-workers and gives them a full image of each other. It gives them the context of the who, what, when, where and why of the people they are working with, building the level of trust they have in each other, and increasing teamwork and work quality. With Socialtext People, everyone is aware of what is going on in the company the discussions underway, the thinking in progress, the workgroups that have formed, who knows what, who is working on what.

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Socialtext Signals offers microblogging integrated with Socialtext's entERPrise collaboration platform. While it offers a lot of the same great benefits of other microblogging functions like Twitter™, it offers many add-on benefits as co-workers in a organization use it to work towards common objectives.

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Socialtext Collaborative space is an simple entERPrise wiki that reduces by 1/3 the time your staff spends searching for data and people every day, and speeds up cycle times in every function across the company.

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