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Socialcast screenshotsSocialcast is a easy, safe, entERPrise microblogging platform that helps users simply connect and share in real-time. See also Socialcast alternatives

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Deploying entERPrise collaboration solution at your organization creates an awareness of what everyone is doing, saying, and thinking. Users work together. Executives announce. Your group operates together without sitting in the same room. Hight-priority communication occurs in one central hub the engine that powers your organization. All of this happens while everyone is focused on driving the organization forward, and don't have to slow down to see what's happening around them. When users know what's happening from every angle, the advantage is a clear perspective that helps organizations move faster.

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With Socialcast, information and data move between apps and users, and from users to groups, faster than ever before. Enhance data flow by opening the lines of communication, turning your organization into an incubator for collaboration.

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Socialcast aims to eliminate work about work - the unnecessary meetings, emails and calls that fail to produce results. Help users perform their best by enabling collaboration and forums to occur external of time-draining activities.

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