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Soashable screenshotsOpen-source Meebo alternative. Supports Msn, Aim and Yahoo Messenger. See also Soashable alternatives

(Soashable screenshot #1)

Soashable is the main project in the Soashable family. It is the core app that all other users support. It was originally designed as a proof of concept over the course of a weekend, and now serves as a test-bed and driver of technology to support it.

(Soashable screenshot #2)

Xmpp4js was originally derived from the Soashable code base and is now a independent project which can be used by anyone who wants to Xmpp-enable a web app.

(Soashable screenshot #3)

It is a BOSH client directly comparable to Jsjac, which is another quality Javascript Bosh library worth looking into. One key difference is that Xmpp4js supports Alternative Script Syntax which enables for cross-domain use.

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