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Siebel screenshotsSiebel CRM On Demand provides low-risk, hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM), with little or no up-front It investment. With Siebel CRM On Demand, you can accelerate sales, enhance marketing and deliver consistently top-notch client solution. That's why more organizations of all types and sizes trust Siebel CRM On Demand to centralize vital client and sales information, and gain real-time snapshots of client interactions. See also Siebel alternatives

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This system implements Oracle's Siebel CRM on one Oracle Sparc T3-1 server as the cornerstone of a highly safe customization. This complete, proven, and optimized CRM stack lowers client costs, and accelerates performance and scalability. Only Siebel CRM provided on the Sparc T3-1 server offers twice the cores and memory, and four times the execution threads, while using half the rack space and 25 percent less power-all at a lower price.

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Strategic sales, solution, call center, marketing, loyalty, partner management, client order management and client mastering features.

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Outsmart and out-execute your competition with systems that are simple, provide quickly Roi, and are available from a single vendor.

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