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SharePoint screenshotsMicrosoft Sharepoint Server offers collaboration, enterprise workflow management, data management functions and access to data that is essential to organizational objectives and workflows. You can rapidly add Sharepoint websites that support specific data publishing, data management, records management, or enterprise intelligence needs. You can also conduct effective searches for people, docs, and information, participate in forms-driven enterprise workflows, and access and analyse big amounts of enterprise information. See also SharePoint alternatives

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Released in 2001, Sharepoint is developed as a centralized replacement for multiple web apps and supports different combinations of entERPrise site requirements. It is typically associated with web data management and document management solutions.

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Sharepoint is capable of supporting multiple companies on a single 'server farm'. Microsoft offers Sharepoint Foundation for free but provides premium versions with add-on feature-set, and also offers Sharepoint as a cloud computing system as part of Microsoft's Enterprise Productivity Online Standard Package (bpos) and Office 365. The offering is also provided as a cloud system by local external vendors. Sharepoint offers different methods for configuration and customization of web areas, all of which have granular control configurations.

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Beyond general page-editing, file-storing and custom design ('branding') features, one of the more prevalent forms of customization is the opportunity to setup external customizations called 'web parts' (i. portlets/widgets/gadgets).

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