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SharePoint Workspace screenshotsSharepoint Collaborative space is a collaboration solution software that helps groups work together dynamically and effectively, even if group users work for various companies, work remotely, or work offline. Besides, it operates as a computer client for Sharepoint Server. Working in Sharepoint Collaborative space saves time, increases productivity, and strengthens the quality of group deliverables. See also SharePoint Workspace alternatives

SharePoint Workspace
(SharePoint Workspace screenshot #1)

Microsoft Sharepoint Collaborative space 2010 offers a client for Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010 that allows real-time sync of computer data with Sharepoint docs and lists. Sharepoint Collaborative space 2010 also offers options for creating Groove collaboration workspaces and synced shared directories.

SharePoint Workspace
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By using Sharepoint Collaborative space 2010, data workers can simply synchronize online and offline data with a designated Sharepoint website or work together with third-party partners and offsite group users via shared workspaces. Sharepoint Collaborative space 2010 is provided with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

SharePoint Workspace
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Sharepoint workspaces Provide direct bi-directional sync of library and list data between a Sharepoint website and a collaborative space on an personal client computer. Creation of a Sharepoint collaborative space allows personal Sharepoint users to check out and check in Sharepoint library docs from their local computers, bring Sharepoint docs and lists to their computers where they can collaborate online or offline, and synchronize local data with a Sharepoint website.

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