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Scribd screenshotsScribd is the largest document publishing solution. On Scribd, you can quicklyand simply turn nearly any file including Pdf, Word, PowERPoint Andexcel into a Web document and share it with the world. See also Scribd alternatives

(Scribd screenshot #1)

Scribd uses Ipaper which is a rich document format alike to Pdf built for the web, which enables users to embed docs into a web page. Ipaper was built with Adobe Flash, enabling it to be viewed the same across various operating solutions (windows, Mac Os, and Linux) without conversion, as long as the reader has Flash installed (although Scribd has announced Non-flash support for the Iphone). [28] All major document types can be formatted into Ipaper including Word docs, PowERPoint presentations, Pdfs, Opendocument docs, Openoffice. org Xml docs, and Postscript files.

(Scribd screenshot #2)

All Ipaper docs are hosted on Scribd. Scribd enables published docs to either be private or open to the larger Scribd community. The Ipaper document viewer is also embeddable in any site or blog, making it easy to embed docs in their original template regardless of file format.

(Scribd screenshot #3)

Scribd Ipaper requires that Flash cookies are enabled, which is the default setting in Flash. If the requirements are not met, there is no message; the white or gray display area is simply blank.

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