SAP NetWeaver Portal Screenshots

SAP NetWeaver Portal screenshotsWith Sap Netweaver Portal, you can rapidly and effectively Integratesap systems, external apps, legacy solutions, databasesunstructured, docs, internal and third-party Web data, andcollaboration functions. It uses open standards, Web applications, and tightintegration with other Sap Netweaver components to supportheterogeneous solutions from all major technology providers. And it comeswith inbuilt support for Java 2 Platform EntERPrise Version (j2ee) Andmicrosoft. Net technology. See also SAP NetWeaver Portal alternatives

SAP NetWeaver Portal
(SAP NetWeaver Portal screenshot #1)

Knowledge Management provides features that everyone can use to distribute and access unstructured data within an company via a heterogeneous repository landscape.

SAP NetWeaver Portal
(SAP NetWeaver Portal screenshot #2)

Collaboration brings users, data, and apps together to ensure successful cooperation. All collaboration functions and channels are simply accessible directly from the portal. These functions include collaboration roomsdiscussion, discussions, instant messaging, chat, email, and calendar integration.

SAP NetWeaver Portal
(SAP NetWeaver Portal screenshot #3)

The Portal is used for various purposes: Internationalization, Personalization, Integration, Authorization.

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