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SAP CRM screenshotsSAP CRM offers low-cost, low-risk functions for rapidly improving sales, solution, and marketing effectiveness. SAP CRM provides the flexibility for a smooth migration from saas to on-premise Sap CRM, if and when you are ready, with minimal disruption to user adoption, solution performance, or continuous operations. See also SAP CRM alternatives

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The Sap CRM app is an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution manufactured by Sap Ag that targets enterprise solution requirements of medium and big companies in all industries and sectors.

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Sap's CRM system contains several modules that support key functional areas including Sap CRM Sales, Sap CRM Marketing, Sap CRM Solution, Sap CRM Analysis, Sap CRM Interaction Center, Sap CRM Web Channel (which contains E-commerce, E-marketing and E-service), Sap CRM Partner Channel Management.

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Unlike other CRM solution, the Sap Customer Relationship Management (sap CRM) app not only helps you address your short-term imperatives.

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