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SAP Business ByDesign screenshotsSap Enterprise Bydesign is the fully integrated saas EntERPriseResource Scheduling (ERP) solution system for small and medium sizedentERPrises.   The system supports all key enterprise areas acrosscompany and covers the following modules: CRM, Financial Managementproject, Management, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationshipmanagement, Human Resources Management, Executive Management Supportcompliance, Management. See also SAP Business ByDesign alternatives

SAP Business ByDesign
(SAP Business ByDesign screenshot #1)

Sap Enterprise Bydesign is a Software as a Service product from Sap. The system can be run on a Pc with an Web connection and a browser, while the solution and information are stored on the host servers. Enterprise apps provided as an saas solution via a safe Web connection and a standard browser is referred to as software-as-a-service (saas). Most On-demand systems have a pay-per-use payment instead of an up-front investment.

SAP Business ByDesign
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Customer Relationship Management: This module supports workflows that span marketing, sales and solution activities.

SAP Business ByDesign
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Financial Management: This module can help provide organizations with a single, up-to-date view of financial condition by integrating core enterprise workflows and financials that span Financial and Management Accounting and Cash Flow Management.

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