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Relenta screenshotsRelenta lets you share emails between multiple users, so that it doesn't matter if a co-worker is on vacation or located many time zones away. You can view messages associated with any contact and instantly catch up on any activity that's taken place. See also Relenta alternatives

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You can share generic aliases such as sales@yourcompany. com or support@yourcompany. com across multiple users. Now everyone can see at a glance which inquiries have been responded to, and which still need to be addressed.

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Organise data the way you like. Outlook has directories, Gmail has labels, Relenta has both! You can file messages in directories and/or label them with shared or private tags.

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You can add rules to filter and sort incoming email, so that messages are automatically assigned to specific queues, users, groups, or contacts. You can also add a shared library of canned responses to reduce workload and ensure consistency. You can even set up conditional auto-responders so inquiries meeting specified criteria instantly trigger appropriate pre-written responses.

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