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Producteev screenshotsProducteev is a new generation Task Management web app that drastically simplifies the way you work with your group. Connect with your co-workers, Follow their activity status and news feed in real time, Manage your Projects in a fully customizable drag-n-drop dashboard, Work together with your group thanks to intuitive social functions, Share and Comment on files. See also Producteev alternatives

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Producteev. com is the first platform agnostic Task Management App : connected to your Email, Im, Twitter, Computer, Iphone, Blackberry, Android, and soon much Moreā¦.

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We're a new generation Task Management and Productivity platform that lets you update and manage your to-dos via many channels (email, Im, Mobile, computer, etc. ), and Work together with your co-workers thanks to our Social functions.

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Producteev is a fully featured Task Management platform for the web, computer, mobile, google applications and Google Apps.

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