Screenshots screenshotsPresent. ly is a microblogging communications solution for your organization. Give your users the opportunity to instantly communicate their current status, ask questions, post multimedia, and more. Twitter revolutionized public communication by creating organic networks for one-to-many updates. Present. ly brings this revolution to your enterprise with functions and functions custom intended for a work environment. See also alternatives
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Presently enables individuals to post short, frequent updates that are tracked or followed by others. Unlike Twitter, Presently offers a safe and private way to share updates among users of a organization, without them being visible to the external world.
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Keep your discussions focused by creating Workgroups for each project or topic of thread. Users receive messages that are relevant to the topic at hand and are no-cost to move between discussions as desired.
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With Presently, it's simple to share pictures, docs, video, and audioclips with your co-workers. Whether you're looking for quick feedback on a new design scratch or sending out new policy docs for human resources, it has never been easier to quickly share and communicate multimedia in your organization.

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