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Plone screenshotsPlone is a ready-to-run data management solution that is based on the comprehensive and no-cost Zope app server. Plone is simple to set up, extremely customizable, and offers you with a solution for managing web data that is perfect for project workgroups, communities, sites, extranets and intranets. See also Plone alternatives

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Plone is released under the GNU Basic Public License (gpl) and is developed to be extensible. Major development is conducted periodically during special meetings called Plone Sprints.

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Add-on feature-set is added to Plone with Offers, which may be distributed via the Plone site or otherwise. The Plone Foundation holds and enforces all copyrights and trademarks. Plone also has legal backing from the council of the Solution Freedom Law Center.

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Mediawiki's Monobook template is based partially on the Plone style sheets. High-profile public sector users include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Brazilian Government, United Nations, City of Bern (switzerland), New South Wales Government (australia), and European Environment Agency.

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