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PlanHQ screenshotsWeb enterprise plan solution that wants to help small and mediumbusinesses to more effectively manage their groups, financials, and projects. It lets you created enterprise plan rapidly and simply, adding a description, duedate and who is responsible for making it happen. You are also able toadd private objectives which are only visible to some users of your group. See also PlanHQ alternatives

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With Planhq, your enterprise plan changes as your enterprise changes, not just once or twice a year. Your whole group is actively involved in creating and actioning your plan and can align and prioritize all their work against organization objectives.

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This means that everyone is always working to plan and ensures you achieve your objectives.

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A lot of people feel uncomfortable putting their sensitive data online. We treat your enterprise and financial data with the strictest of confidence. Only you and people you provide access to will ever see your plan.

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