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Pidgin screenshotsPidgin is an instant messaging software for Windows, Linux, Bsd, and Otherunixes. You can talk to your friends using Aim, Icq, Jabber/xmpp, Msnmessenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-gadu, Irc, Novell Groupwise Messenger, Qqlotus, Sametime, Silc, Easy, Myspaceim, and Zephyr. See also Pidgin alternatives

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Pidgin offers a graphical front-end for libpurple using Gtk+. [2] Libpurple supports multiple instant-messaging protocols.

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Pidgin supports multiple operating solutions, including Windows as well as many Unix-like solutions such as Linux, Bsd, Mac Os X, and Amigaos (through the X11 engine). It has inbuilt support for Nss, product client-to-server message encryption for protocols that support it. The software is extendable via add-ons, including Off-the-record Messaging and Pidgin encryption[3], providing end-to-end message encryption.

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Pidgin functions some of the standard functions for an instant-messaging client, such as a contact list, file transfer on supported protocols, and conversation and chat logging. Tabbed discussions is an optional feature on Pidgin. The Im window consists of the message window, formatting functions, and an edit box.

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