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PHP-Nuke screenshotsPHP-Nuke is a web based automated news publishing and data management solution built on PHP and MySQL. The general aim of PHP-Nuke isto enable a web developer to add a community-based portal, with an automated site enabling users and editors to post items. Users can comment on these posts using the comments solution. See also PHP-Nuke alternatives

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Modules can be added to the PHP-Nuke solution enabling add-on functions such as an Web discussion board, Calendar, News Feed, Faq's , Private Messaging and others. The website is maintained via an administration front-end.

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PHP-Nuke supports many languages and its design can be customized using the Themes solution, but major changes requires knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS.

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PHP-Nuke was originally released under the GNU Basic Public License as no-cost solution. Editions after 7. 5 require a license payment. This is permitted under the GNU Gpl (providing the source code is provided), and the purchaser of the solution has the right to freely distribute the source code of the offering. Burzi no longer owns the PHP-Nuke website.

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