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PBWorks screenshotsPbworks (formerly Pbwiki) is a commercial real-time collaborative editing (rtce) solution created by David Weekly, with Ramit Sethi and Nathan Schmidt joining shortly thereafter as co-founders. Based in San Mateo, California, the company's original name stems from their belief that making a wiki is as simple as making a peanut butter sandwich. The organization operates on a freeware basis, with general functions being provided at no cost and more advanced functions for a payment. See also PBWorks alternatives

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Pbworks' investors include Mohr Davidow Ventures and the Seraph Team, as well as angel investors Ron Conway and Chris Yeh. In June 2008 the organization hired Jim Groff, a former employee of Oracle Corporation and Apple Inc. , for its new Ceo. David Weekly, the former Ceo, remains its Chief Offering Officer and Chairman.

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A number of enterprise and corporations use Pbworks to add private wikis for employees; one case study from Cnn described a legal firm which had transitioned to Pbworks as a document management solution in order to cut their It costs. Major organizations using Pbworks as a host for internal docs include Cafepress. com, Capgemini, Deloitte, the Financial Times, Kiva, and Wideload Games. Educational workgroups include the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin Madison, Wayne State University, and Depaul University and University of Toronto.

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In 2005, most wiki solution was overly complex for a layman to set up and manage, requiring an extensive knowledge of Linux, and their own server. David Weekly came up with the idea of providing simple privately hosted wikis via a site - which he named Peanutbutterwiki - while co-hosting the first Superhappydevhouse hackathon event in May 2005. Together with some programmer friends, Weekly rapidly coded the first deployment of Pbworks; the original beta test of Pbworks was released for public comment on 31 May 2005.

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