Oracle Social Network Screenshots

Oracle Social Network screenshotsThe Oracle Social Network is a component of the Fusion suite. One of the original Fusion design parameters was to add a modern user GUI, but somewhere in the six years it took to complete the project, collaboration became the new pink. See also Oracle Social Network alternatives

Oracle Social Network
(Oracle Social Network screenshot #1)

The biggest change over the past few years is social networking, said Larry Ellison. Today, companies want to connect their users, their apps, their workflows and their clients.

Oracle Social Network
(Oracle Social Network screenshot #2)

And so, the Oracle Social Network was born. The new solution, which can be used for communicating inside a company as well as with third-party partners and clients, allows enterprise users to find and work together with the right people within their enterprise and across enterprises.

Oracle Social Network
(Oracle Social Network screenshot #3)

And because it's seamlessly integrated with Oracle Fusion Apps, users can receive real-time data streams from the integrated solutions for quick collaboration and resolution.

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