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OpenERP screenshotsOpenERP is an open source powerful package of enterprise apps including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Accounting and Human Resources. OpenERP has separate client and server components. Xml-rpc interfaces are available. See also OpenERP alternatives

(OpenERP screenshot #1)

It is built on a strong Mvc architecture, customizable processes, a dynamic Gui, an Xml-rpc front-end, and customizable reporting solution with convenient Openoffice. org integration. On January 20, 2011, OpenERP s. announced the release of OpenERP edition 6. 0, including an saas (saas) edition. Its modular approach enables clients to start with one app and then add other modules as they go.

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OpenERP has released its Applications library where all the OpenERP-based apps are open source. OpenERP Applications comprises complete apps like CRM, Accounting and Project Management as well as very specific apps like fleet management, marketing campaigns automation, E-commerce integration, point-of-sale, etc.

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OpenERP Applications also contains vertical apps related to specific sectors. As an example, you will also find apps for managing hotels, auction houses, training centers, book stores, manufacturing industries, etc.

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