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NewsGator screenshotsIf you have deployed Sharepoint for your portal applications and collaboration environment, you'llwant to ensure that your groups get the most value from your investment. Using EntERPrise Social communities, Newsgator Social Websites makes iteasy to add cross-organization collaboration and thread, improveexpertise discovery and internal networking, and energize Moss withrelevant, dynamic data, tagging, tag clouds, pop-up profiles, andmore. Social computing for enterprise adds flexibility, feature-set andoverall value to your portal. See also NewsGator alternatives

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With Social Websites 2007 social solution for enterprise you can add rich social profiles, share ideas and expertise, and effectively communicate with co-workers using all of the most promising functions from consumer social networking and community solution. We remove the friction from getting started and enable you to rapidly be productive by making recommendations to simply connect with co-workers and communities to take full advantage of your social computing solution. Newgator's social solution for enterprise helps you create active communities to solve your biggest challenges faster and easier!.

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Sharepoint microblogging, offered by Newsgator Social Websites, helps you avoid the costs and overhead of another external system. It also offers peace of mind in knowing your organizational discussions are safe and housed in a robust solution. This capability enables you to take the temperature and view the culture of an company in a unique way.

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Newsgator eliminates the friction and fear of social networking by jump-starting adoption, participation, contributions, and collaboration with a easy profile-building coach to help your workforce add and maintain personal social profiles their face to the company.

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