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NetSuite screenshotsNetsuite is the industry's first and only online enterprise app that supports your entire organization from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to entERPrise resource scheduling (ERP) to e-commerce. Netsuite is the first and only web app to offer everything in a single, integrated and comprehensive system. Besides, Netsuite allows you to make better, faster decisions via real-time enterprise intelligence. See also NetSuite alternatives

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According to Gartner, Netsuite has been North America's fastest growing top 10 Financial Management Solution in North America from 2008-2010. Gartner also recognized Netsuite as the Uk's and Australia's fastest growing top 10 Financial Management Solution in 2010.

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Netsuite was voted the best cloud app by a panel of leading independent experts in the cloud computing World Series Awards 2010 in London.

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Netsuite Oneworld was voted by Uk clients as the EntERPrise Accounting Solution of the year in Sift Media's 2009 Solution Satisfaction Awards. Cpa Technology Advisor awarded Netsuite with a 5-star Rating in 2009, 2008 and 2007.

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