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Miranda screenshotsMiranda Im is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda Im uses very little memory and is extremely quickly. Only the most general functions are built in, but there are currently more than 350 no-cost add-ons available for download that enables users to extend the feature-set of Miranda Im. Besides, this Im doesn't require setup. See also Miranda alternatives

(Miranda screenshot #1)

Miranda Im offers a general client platform, Gui, and an advanced add-on architecture. Support for different Im protocols and add-on functions is implemented via optional add-ons, some of which come bundled with Miranda Im by default; the rest (over 500) are available on the official addons website. Unused protocols can be removed.

(Miranda screenshot #2)

The protocol add-ons included with Miranda Im are Aim, Gadu-gadu, Icq, Irc,. Net Messenger Solution (a. Msn), Xmpp (& Google Talk), and Yahoo! Messenger.

(Miranda screenshot #3)

Other protocols available via add-ons include Bonjour Fetion, Facebook (chat client), Inter-asterisk Exchange, Lotus Sametime, Mra, Netsend, Myspace, Tencent Qq, Sip, Skype (requires Skype), Tlen. pl, Xfire.

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