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MindTouch screenshotsMindtouch Deki is an open source collaboration and integration platform. Share data and files more productively, wiki-style, with the most sophisticated and popular entERPrise wiki available. Work together smarter immediately. Connect and mash-up entERPrise solutions, online applications, and Web 2. 0apps today. See also MindTouch alternatives

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Mindtouch, Inc. , an open-source software-development organization based in San Diego, California, Usa, started in January, 2005 with offices in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Bellevue, Washington. It merged all its offices in San Diego in February 2007.

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Mindtouch Core consists of an open-source wiki designed in C# on Mono and PHP, with all components available under either edition 2 of the GNU Basic Public License or edition 2. 1 of the GNU Lesser Basic Public License; this makes it the first commercial open-source virtualized wiki[citation needed].

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The Dream platform makes it possible to extend Mindtouch using any programming language compatible with web applications. The application's logic is implemented in C# and the presentation layer in PHP, which makes it relatively easy to modify the user front-end.

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