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Microsoft Lync screenshotsMicrosoft Lync (office Communications Server) provides streamlined communications for your users so they can find and communicate with the right person, right now, from the apps they use most. See also Microsoft Lync alternatives

Microsoft Lync
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The general new functions of this edition are the addition of real-time multi-client Collaborative solution features, (which enable groups of people to see and simultaneously collaborate on the same docs and communications session). These functions are implemented as follow. Collaboration via Whiteboard docs, where the users have great freedom to share text, drawing and graphical annotations.

Microsoft Lync
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Collaboration via Power Point docs, where the users can control and see presentations, as well as enable everybody to add text, drawing and graphical annotations. Polling lists, where Presenters can organise polls and all users can vote and see results.

Microsoft Lync
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screen-sharing, usually by enabling users to see and work together on your windows display. Windows apps sharing, by enabling users to see and work together on a specific app.

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