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Microsoft Dynamics CRM screenshotsCreate client loyalty to drive repeat enterprise. Used by leading organizations worldwide, enterprise systems from Microsoft Dynamics CRM are customizable, with options for implementation, buy, and access; familiar and simple because it operates like other Microsoft products; developed to fit your enterprise via extensive configuration and partner offerings. See also Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Dynamics CRM is a server-client app, which, like Microsoft Sharepoint, is primarily an Iis-based web app which also supports extensive web applications interfaces. Customers access Dynamics CRM either by using Microsoft Web Explorer 6 or later browser or by a thick client add-on to Microsoft Outlook. While other browsers can be used to access Dynamics, results can be mixed and are not supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in 2011 edition for cloud product and setup by a partner/customer. As in CRM 4 these editions can be highly customized using advanced extensions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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New feature specify contains Visualizations, Dashboards, Document Management, Grid Filters, Dialogs, Recurring Appointments, Custom Activities, Objective Management, Fetch based Reports, Mapi based Outlook customers, Fls etc.

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